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The Pragma team is constantly working to improve the network's robustness and functionality. Here are a few of the exciting things we are working on and plan to share with you soon. If you are interested in certain projects or have requests you don't see here, let us know on Twitter.

Native Data From The Most Liquid Markets

We are actively working on building out functionality to pull data (e.g. Uniswap TWAP, overnight rates, DEX liquidity data, etc.) directly from L1 to L2. We're working with Herodotus to ensure the safest bridge possible using storage proofs.

Further Audits

Pragma Network has already been audited by leading security research firm Zellic (also audited Pyth, LayerZero, 1inch and many more), report to be released soon. Further audits are upcoming by partners such as Nethermind.

Pragma X

We're currently working a lot on Pragma X, the V2 of our oracle. Pragma X is an oracle-chain built on Madara, and leveraging SHARP. It is live on testnet, and the mainnet will follow by the end of the year, don't hesitate to reach out if you want early access to test it out.

Delivering Traditional Finance-Grade Data to DeFi

The quantitative team at Pragma is developing novel data primitives to empower DeFi within the new realm of possibilities that rollups provide, along with high-computation environments. By utilizing validity proofs, Pragma will provide various types of market data in a verifiable manner, enhancing efficiency within the burgeoning DeFi ecosystem. The range of data being provided can vary from implied volatility to Monte Carlo models, offering comprehensive risk frameworks.

Expanding to New Data Verticals

Today, Pragma is reinventing data infrastructure for DeFi. But our mission is much broader: We are building the crucial decentralized infrastructure for all data, from the weather (parametric insurance) to sports (betting and fantasy sports) to news (prediction markets) and more. We believe in a world where society’s crucial applications are accessible to anyone, where transparency replaces backroom dealings and trustless software has made middlemen obsolete. If you are building a protocol on a zk-rollup that needs real-world data that is not yet available on Pragma, let us know on Twitter. We are actively looking for development partners for weather, news and sports data.


Today, the Pragma core team selects publishers, prioritizing the most liquid exchanges and biggest market makers. Working with these world-class partners is critical to guarantee data quality and reliability in the early days of the network. Tomorrow, anyone who has high quality should be able to provide that data to the Pragma Network. We are actively working on leveraging programmable money and incentive systems to ensure that honest publishers are compensated fairly for their data while malicious actors are unable to corrupt the data feeds. We will have more updates on this soon.