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What is Pragma?

Your smart contracts are decentralized, transparent and composable. Of course they are, because you believe in a world where society’s crucial applications are accessible to anyone, where transparency replaces backroom dealings and trustless software makes middlemen obsolete. But unless you're using Pragma already, you are accessing real world data using an off-chain, trusted, black box oracle.

Pragma is the decentralized, transparent and composable oracle network, leveraging state-of-the-art zero-knowledge cryptography. We partner with the biggest market makers and the most liquid exchanges who sign and timestamp their own high quality, robust data and send it directly on-chain. Our feeds are live in public alpha on Starknet, where they are powering the next generation of ambitious protocols such as zkLend, Nostra, Carmine and more. Our code has been audited by leading security researchers at Zellic (also audited Pyth, LayerZero, 1Inch & more) and we have more audits coming up soon.

Robustness: Simplicity & Redundancy

Pragma is particularly robust because it has no off-chain infrastructure, eliminating an entire class of attack vectors. All first party sources sign and timestamp their data and post directly to Starknet and other Validity Rollups. Pragma is also built with a system of failsafes and redundancies, including independent implementations and using multiple different infrastructure providers across data partners.

Decentralized: Data From Many Highly Liquid Exchanges & Market Makers

Pragma works with the most liquid exchanges and biggest market makers who sign their proprietary data and send it directly on-chain. In the future, we will implement mechanisms to make data publishing permissionless so that anyone can provide data through the Pragma (see Roadmap).

Transparency: Don't Trust, But Verify

Most existing oracle solutions operate as trusted, off-chain black boxes. Pragma's smart contracts leverage zk computation to aggregate raw signed data with total transparency and robustness. Because the oracle is entirely on-chain, anyone can verify any data point from origin through transformation to destination.

Composability: Towards a More Sophisticated DeFi

Pragma allows anyone to flexibly compose that verified data, without sacrificing security or transparency. For instance, protocols are building new financial products on top of Pragma’s verifiable, dynamic yield curve. The same is true for volatility, options pricing (Black Scholes) and many of the more sophisticated data products that TradFi runs on. By doing so, Pragma will be a major accelerator of the evolution of DeFi, unlocking entire new classes of protocols.